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from 8,82 €
plus VAT

  • favourable price webhosting


from 26,47 €
plus VAT

  • fast webshop hosting with nginx


from 36,00 €
plus VAT

  • ideal for demanding projects

dedicated Server

from 115,00 €
plus VAT

  • perfect for online shops and high-traffic websites


from 21,00 €
plus VAT

  • High-performance mail server


from 15,00 €
plus VAT

  • audit-proof mail archives

ISPConfig Support

from 39,00 €
plus VAT

  • Proffessional ISPConfig Support


for free

  • Rules for Spamfiletring

Latest blog posts

use different database servers

You can not only set the PHP version individually for websites, but also use different versions of a database server for databases. For example, you can test whether a certain page also works with a different version of the database server or you can use different versions because different websites

App Installer

With our App Installer you can install different applications on your Managed Server. In contrast to the Web Wizard, the applications are installed globally on the server and can therefore be used by websites alone. You can find the App Installer in ISPConfig under System. You can install various applications

Two-factor authentication

With two-factor authentication (or 2FA for short), you can minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your account. In addition to the password, an additional code (one-time password or OTP for short) is required to log in, which is created by an authenticator app and is valid for 30 or