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Managed Server and Web Hosting Service Policies

1. contact:

All offered Managed Servers include free written and telephone support during the specified support hours.

2. monitored services:
web server (HTTP)
Mail system (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, spam filter, virus scanner, mail volume)
Server services (FTP, SSH, NTP)
Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Server load
Hard disks (S.M.A.R.T., memory usage)

3. system failures and maintenance work:
The server is monitored by us 24 hours a day for failures.
Planned maintenance work is usually announced in advance.
We guarantee an availability of 99% on a yearly average. (*)

4. access to the server:
With managed servers, root access by customers is generally not possible.

6. backups:
The data of the Managed Servers are backed up completely for 3 (fm-shop and fm50-32) or 7 days, depending on the type. In addition, individual backups of websites, database and mail accounts can be set up via the administration interface, which can be viewed externally. For webhosting packages, a complete backup is performed over 10 days.

7. content and data:
Changes by our support, such as deleting, moving, transferring content and sensitive data that was uploaded and/or received by the customer, can only be carried out if this request is made with a company stamp and handwritten signature.

8. process monitoring:
In order to guarantee the security and stability of the Managed Server, process monitoring is carried out, which terminates the corresponding process in case of excessive runtime and/or RAM usage. If exception rules are requested by the customer, which could influence the system stability, these must be confirmed in writing by the customer. A claim to such changes does not exist. If the stable operation of the servers or the network is affected, we reserve the right to correct or revoke these exception rules accordingly.

9. securing the e-mail service against spam and viruses:
Each e-mail account has an optionally deactivatable server-side spam filter for presorting suspicious e-mails into a designated folder. This folder is accessible via IMAP and webmail. E-mails identified as spam are automatically deleted after a specified period of time. The strength of the filter can be adjusted by the customer. The blocking of individual IP addresses via integrated blacklists can be manually deactivated per mailbox. Additionally we use a virus filter for e-mails. Incoming e-mails containing viruses are not accepted for security reasons. The sender of the e-mail will be notified. The sending of e-mails which contain viruses is prevented.

10. mass mails for webhosting packages:

The hourly amount of e-mails sent may not exceed 500 mails. The sending of mass mails/newsletters via e-mail accounts of the web hosting account or via the web page of the web hosting account is not permitted without our prior consent. The sending of unsolicited advertising is prohibited. We are entitled to immediately block customer accounts that violate this.

(*) This does not apply, of course, to disruptions over which we have no control (e.g. failure of the power supply in a data center or failure to the network infrastructure).