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Customize system mails

Our managed servers send mails under different conditions. Probably the most important part are the notifications about the used disk space.

Manage system mails

You can customize these messages and add new languages. To do this, select “System Mails” in the “System” section at the bottom left.

Customize system mails

To customize a message according to your wishes, select the corresponding mail:

You can customize the subject and the text of the message.

Important Messages with the language “en” can neither be deleted nor deactivated, because they are only used if no other template is found.

Create a new system mail

If you click on the + symbol on the right side of the message, you can create the message in another language.

Usage of new system mails

When the server sends a notification (e.g. quota notifications), the corresponding template is determined in the following order:

  • Template that matches the customer’s language (see Customers / Language) and is active.
  • Template that matches the language English